Can't See My Passport in My Computer


Just been watching a video on the hard drive, all of a sudden the video froze. Windows media player then came up with an error saying that the video could not be accessed. Since then the hard drive has not been seen in my computer. I’ve tried ejecting it and restarting the computer and it still won’t show up on my computer. I tried installing the universal firmware update for the hard drive, its says that it will take a few minutes then it will tell you to exit and then reboot your system…which this hasn’t happened yet. Its been 15 minutes.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


Did you check to see if the drive is on disk management for clues? (Right-click computer/my computer> maange> disk management)

did you solve this problem?

Same thing has happened to me.

Similar problem, but not video watching, just generall drive access and the Windows 7 PC will suddenly not register that the external USB drive has been plugged in.  It’s a WD5000ME drive.  Worked fine until today.  Please help so the computer will recognize the external drive.

I have the same problem. HD wont initialize, meaning I cant format it. “Cant find sectors” is the warning I get

 I have the same problem. Its been working fine for more than 1 year then all of a sudden it stopped working. My computer cant detect it. The light  of the WD Passport is lit but my computer cant seem to detect the device. I tried using a different laptop same thing happens. 

Please help!! 

Something like TestDisk may fix corrupt partition data if the drive shows in Disk Management.