Cant see my network shares any more from WDTVLive and WDTVlivePlus

Hi I have 2 boxes WDTVLive and WDTVLive Plus media players

I am using those boxes for years and have 3 external WD hard drives with media content , one connected to each WD media player and one connected to the desktop. All the boxes are wired together into a network via D-Link switch(Actull network cable is used)

My problem is after I disconnected my network and connected it back  my WDTV media players cannot see most of network shares any more.

1-My WDTVLivePlus plus box cannot see any network share.(but it has access to the internet that comes from the network)

2- My WdTVLive box can see WDTVLivePlus nework share but cannot see the desktop(and has acces to the internet)

3-my desktop (Win 7 home edition) Can access content of both WDTV boxes

*I can change places between WDTVLiveplus and WDTv and i have same behaviour so it is not related to network wires.

*I have disabled my internal firewall on my desktop

*This setting worked before for years and stopped working after network got disconnected

*workgroup name  is same for all 3 devices 

Any idea what trouble shooting I can for next step? 

*It looks like some problem with samba

I an thinking this could be a Master Browser issue (a Windows “thing”).  Turn off (i.e no power) your complete system; modem, router, PCs, switches, WD players – everything.  Then, turn on your modem, then router, then network switches.  Let them settle in.  Then turn on your main PC and let it fully boot and be operational for a while.  THEN, start turning on your WD units. 

It is possible that a WD unit took over as Master Browser, and if your router can do this (as mine can do), that is preferred, and if not, then your main PC, but not a WD unit.

For info about the Master Browser, see this link and download the guy’s program so you can find out what device is acting as the Master Browser AFTER all is set back up after a while.

Leave your firewall alone (it wasn’t causing problems before, and it isn’t now).  Don’t tamper with things unrelated.  Just set the network and stuff back up as described.

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Than you Mike 

I am troubleshooting the master-browser direction based on your advice

So far, after executing the script from the link you provided it shows that non of my 3 network shears is master browser.

When  I run command manually I can see that  I have muster browser on  wireless only . I don’t know if it a problem but I will follow your disconnect connect  woo- do steps now to check if anything will change.

Alter I did all the disconnect and connect again in order you have mentioned I have ended with the same result.

(The positive thing both WDTV boxes can see each other as a share now but they still cannot see the Desktop with Windows 7.)

When I check for master browser setting  it shows that none of 3 devices in wired network is master browser  but in wireless network the desktop is master browser.

Any ideas how can I proceed?

I need some clarification from you, so some questions:

When you disconnected your network, did you disconnect everything connected to it for a move or something, and you ended up with a lot of disconnected wires, etc.?  If so, are your sure it is all reconnected properly?

When you refer to “desktop” are you speaking of a “desktop PC”, and when you mention “wireless” are you referring to a laptop PC?  If so, what operating system and version are they each using?

Another idea:  check to see if your Network shares are still set up properly:  See this link and follow the instructions in the first posting:  How to resolve Network shares access problems

For the first questions:

Yes I am sure -as I have mentioned I am able to access my files on my WDTV boxes from my desktop.

And Even originally after I installed my WDTV it could see my Desktop for a day but after it crashed on displaying Youtube clip and was restarted it stoped.

For question #2:

Yes I mean desktop PC . Wireless is still Desktop PC.

My Desctop is Win 7 Home Edition  SP1

I will folow the steps from the link now. Thank you.

did the steps , restored even to factory settings

still I am facing same problem.

As work around I am trying to setup PLEX however I can see the files from my Desktop on my WDTV boxes   but WDTV cant play the files it sees via the PLEX.

I have asked some other regulars here to help us.  Stand by.

so I’m trying to fully understand your network … there’s several post here, which sound a bit odd and leave me with more questions than answers

so here’s what I’m able to gather from all of above

WDLive #1 - 1 attached hdd - wired to switch  (is this aa old WD live or a SMP?)

WDLive #2 - 1 attached hdd - wired to switch (is this an old WD live or a SMP?)

WDLive Plus - 1 attached hdd - wired to switch

What is the switch connected to and how?

Desktop PC is connected to what and how?

Traditionally a desktop is wired to a router, but you also refer to the desktop as wireless

also to be clear you state there is a wireless master browser only

there should only be 1 master browser for the entire network, wired & wireless

unless you are running multiple networks, ie vlan’s etc …

if you are running multiple networks, that would very likely explain why you are having issues

also, when you say this stated by disconnecting the network, then reconnecting WD’s to the network

what exactly did you do to disconnect the network?

and to recap, the problem

#1. Live plus can not see any network share

#2. Live can not see shares on your desktop  (is this both WD Live’s or just one of them)

initially guess is that master browser issue that mike already mentioned

but as above, too many questions, to really understand your network and what is going on

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Thanks for jumping in to help.  You really summarized what’s known and unknown here.  Hope our friend answers all your questions.

Wow guys,

Thank you so much for the support I don’t think any customer support even tried to help me the way  do. I have work around but I am really curios to solve this quiz.


WDLive #1 - 1 with attached hdd - wired to switch  / latest software update

WDLivePlus #2 - 1 attached hdd - wired to switch / latest software update

Desktop - 1 attached hdd - wired to switch and also wireless connection to router/ Win 7 Home edition SP 1

Additional but not relevant:

Wii wireless connection to router

Laptop - wireless to router (always switched off)/ WinXP

What is the switch connected to and how?

D-Link switch connected to router with network cable (

The router Modem 2wire connected to DSLR(

(Even the router has built in  switch I still use external D-link switch to get more network exits and for some reason it seems to be faster this way)

Desktop PC is connected to what and how?

Desktop is wired to a Switch and also Desktop has wireless connection to router.

Master browser

Desktop  has 2 connections wireless and wired, in wireless connection desktop is defined as master browser

also, when you say this stated by disconnecting the network, then reconnecting WD’s to the network

what exactly did you do to disconnect the network?

Power off all devices and stated them in following order-router-5min pause –switch-desktop-Wdtvliveplus-wdtvlive

recap, the problem

#1. Both WDTVLIVE and WDTLIVEPLUS can see each other as network share but cannot see the Desktop as network share

#2. Both WDTVLIVE and WDTLIVEPLUS have internet connection OK

#3. Desktop can see both shares WDTVLIVE and WDTLIVEPLUS

#4. Both WDTVLIVE and WDTLIVEPLUS can see media server in case I run it on the desktop

*Problem is WDTVLIVE and WDTLIVEPLUS cannot see the Desktop as network share

After I wrote down all this and you both have mentioned Master browser I am suspecting the problem  might be that Desktop has wireless connection to router on top of wired connection to switch and something goes wrong with Master browser but can’t check it right now since I am at work.

I appreciate the clarification

I agree that the 2 connections on the desktop could be what is causing the problem

I would first try and disable the wireless connection on the desktop, and see if this solves the problem

windows, while not always, will typically assign each connection to a different network, of which settings like homegroup, etc … will usually be different

once confirmed it works, you’ll need to decide if you still want or need both a wireless and wired connection

if you decide you still want the 2 connections a bridge between then, might also solve the issue

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AFAIK, if Windows has two connections to the same network (as this seems to be), it will always choose the one that has the fastest metric, thus assumedly choosing the ethernet and not using the WiFI.

That said, it certainly could cause you issues, and doesn’t make much sense to setup this way. Worse,  If the two interfaces have differerent default gateways, you can cause a severe routing loop.

The only time I see this done purposely is when a users laptop is sometimes in a dock (wired) and sometimes moved around the building (WiFi). Even then, Windows can be set to igonore the WiFi when it is put in the dock which would be the prefered method of setup.

Good call KAD79. That certainly “pops” out as an issue I would want to resolve, regarless if it’s causing the current problem with the WDs or not.


yeah, I have no idea how windows decides which one to use

but windows has a whole lot of network set up stuff, which could be different between the 2 connections

is it listed as private netowork or public network

depending on the windows version homegroup info

then we start in on the file sharing and discovery services etc …

my guess, is the 2 networks have a couple of settings that are different

and when the desktop is using 1 everything works

when it uses the other sharing is likely disabled, etc …

Exactly; there is no reason in the world to have a conputer’s wireless turned on if connected via wired.  It is one or the other; be it a desktop or laptop.  I have a large laptop I keep set up wired, and wireless is off unless I need to use the laptop as a wireless device.  Even so, there have been times when the wireless was accidently left on when laptop reconnected back wired.  No problem, I just turned off the wireless.  But, if a PC is booted with both on, that could definitely confuse the master browser issue.

So, turn off the wireless and use wired, or if wireless signal is better, then do the opposite.  Once done, reboot everything all over again.  The system needs to come up the “right” way with no confusing extra master browsers.  I woul turn on main PC before turning on secondarly PCs – it takes a while for the master browser to show, according to observing lanscan.  Just run lanscan before turning on additional PCs and be sure the PC you want to be the master browser – IS.

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Hi All,

Thank you all for help :slight_smile: it works I can see it now , like a magic.

All I had to do is to disable this wireless connection to router from desktop.

Would have never figured it out myself , really appriciated :-).

I didnt knew before that this master browser thing even exits.

I wonder if there diagniostic tools that can be used in order to diagnose this type of issues.

I have downloaded WD Discovery tool  but it doesnt show that anything is wrong same for MyLanviewer.

That’s great news 2WDTVuser, glad to hear you are up and running! Contrats.


KAD79 wrote:

yeah, I have no idea how windows decides which one to use

Glad our friend got it all working, and we all put our heads together on this one!

Actually, with my laptop when I have had both wired and wireless on accidentally I did notice that the wired (gigabit speed) took precedence over wireless.

Just don’t have both going at the same time; as we all discovered here, it does cause problems.  Laptop owners take note, and check to see if both are on after using it wirelessly.  My wife brings her laptop home often, and I’ve always told to turn off the wireless if she uses the wired connection.  Looks like I need to tell her about this incident, so she will not think I am just being fussy!

More and more routers are enabling them to be the master browser, which it the best setup of all.  My Asus does so IF I have a HD connected directly to it I discover when I added the HD.  I picked up a WD router recently on sale to have for a spare, and I noticed it actually has a setting to make the router be the master browser.

You know guys, we have had master browser issues come up before, but this one gave us a clue – both wired and wireless were on, and maybe that was going on, too, with these other issues in the past.  Next time a master browser issue appears, I will ask the person to be sure they do not have both a wired and wireless connection going on concurrently anywhere in their network.