Can't see my files

I’ve got about 450G of files on the MyBook and I was trying to clean up the drive and did something and can’t see any files now.  If I look at the drive properties it says the used space is there, but when I click on the drive I can’t see a single thing.  I was trying to figure out if there were hidden files on the drive that were taking up the space and thought I was trying to show the hidden files, but I think it did some kind of indexing.  Now I can’t see a thing on the drive.  Help please!!


Check the drive properties to see if the files are hidden…

Not seeing that option.  I think what I had clicked on was “Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties.”  Thoughts?

If your using a windows pc try to follow the instructions from this link,

Found it via the help menu in folder options.  Thanks,