Can't see my files on one of the volumes

I have a RAID1 array with 4, 4TB drives.  Two volumes:  volume_1 and volume_2.  After the recent firmware update (1.03.41), I see all the files on volume_2 in Windows explorer.  But I don’t see any files on volume_1, although Windows is indicating that the drive is using space.  Actually, I do see the first level directories on volume_1 but none of those directories have files in them when viewed with Windows explorer.   I found that if I log unto the dashboard, I can see the files in volume_1 with the Web File viewer.  I uploaded one of those files to my computer and it is OK.   Everything is indicating that it is healthy.  How do I get the files on volume_1 usable on Windows explorer again?

here’s some additional info:

in the Web File viewer the following info for the volume_2 (which works) is:

owner:  nobody

user group:  share

for the volume_1 (which does NOt WORK) is:

owner:  root

user group: root

How do I change the volume_1 info so that it works?

Here’s another thing I noticed.  In the Shares tab are the following share profiles:

for the one that doesn’t work (for volume_1):

Share Name:  Public   [this is not changeable]

Share Description:  blank

Enable Recycle bin:  OFF

Media Serving:  ON

Oplocks:  ON

for the one that works (for volume_2):

Share Name:  Public2 [this looks like it is changeable]

Public:  ON   [this row is missing in the Public share name above]

Enable Recycle bin:  OFF

Media Serving:  ON

Oplocks:  ON

It looks like I’m having some permission problems on the Public share after I upgraded the firmware.  So that when I look at the directory in Windows, there are no files displayed.  I’d really like to know how to fix this.  Everything was working great before I changed the firmware.

I tried making a new share, Public1 for volume_1 but I still wasn’t able to see the files

As I’ve said, the files are there, since I can see them in the Web File Viewer.