Can't see my files on old WD1200B Drive

My 11 year old son connected my old WD1200 Drive to his xbox and no when I connect the drive into my laptop.  I can no longer see my files.  It shows 90 GB free out of 111GB but it comes up blank.

Is there any way to recover the files I had on that drive?


If the data is no longer seen on the computer you will need to use a data recovery software.  You can search on the Internet for Recuva or Testdisk, both are free.

These are good places to start. There’s more advanced programs such as Ontrack EasyRecovery and GetDataBack from Runtime. Also Recover My Files is another option. These are all payware.

And these, as well as testdisk and Recuva could work, assuming the Xbox has not overwritten the original data.