Cant see my element drive on my computer


I just got a new element 1TB drive. It worked fine on my PC to backup stuff. My son wanted to put some Wii u games on it and he formatted the drive when it was connected to the Wii u and now I plug it into my PC and it doesn’t show up at all. I can find it in device manager and it says it’s working properly but it will not show up anywhere I look for it. Is it toast now?



I have a similar problem. Upon purchasing a G-Drive USB 6TB a few days ago, I first tried to add it to the Storage Space on my old computer. My computer recognized the drive no problem, but it wouldn’t add it to the Storage Space (wouldn’t format the disk), so I quit trying. Then today I bought a new computer and a second G-Drive USB 6TB. The drive I bought today shows up fine on my new PC, but the drive from a few days ago shows up in the Device Manager, but not on My Computer.