Can't see my could from one computer

Network discovery is on but I can see the MyCloud under network in Windows 10 this is only happening on one computer. I even tried doing a clean install of Windows but it is still the same. I am able to get to the my with both the ip and computer name. It just doesn’t seem to show under networked computers. The workgroups are all the same.

Did you lose your entire network or just the MC and did this just start after installing the W10 Fall update in the past few days?

At times its just the myclouds. Sometimes its the mycloud + the local computer. One computer seems to always show up.

I seem to have got it working adding static ips/names in my router. Not sure why that seems to be needed on this one computer while all the others worked fine and only while using Windows. Also it wasn’t working before even with static ips before I reset my router.

Now on to my next small problem all the other computers have a blank icon for the mycloud while the one I was having problems with shows a icon with a picture of the mycloud.