Can't see My Cloud devices in Network Computers Help Pls

Good day!

Recently purchased my cloud device 3TB. it was very easy for me to make proper setup it was working perfect for about 10 days, was showing up in windows explorer network share folder, Wd smart ware was logged in also.
But suddenly i have moved it to another apartment and here the trouble starts.


  1. Can’t see My Cloud devices in Network Computers
  2. WD Smart ware is asking me login credentials to access in Login & Password ( I have tried all possible login and passwords but after typing them it still dont allows me to access.

Using the latest Firmware which was automatically updated when i installed the device for first time.

Please if anybody can give me the solution post your comments.

Did you also change local network routers when you moved to another apartment?

Have you tried a 40 second reset?

What operating system (Mac, Windows, other) are your computers using that have trouble accessing the My Cloud?

Can you access the My Cloud by it’s IP address?

Did you previously configure the My Cloud with a static IP address?

What other troubleshooting steps have you taken?


No i am using the same router, i did not try the 40sec reset will try this evening. I am using Windows 7 professional 64x
i don’t use other device in same network have only one laptop. Yes i can access it through IP address from my browser.

Very strange the problem solved by his self, i left the Wd my cloud connected to network for 24h and it got in normal functional again

Hi otobeli ,

May be you should have a look to the article below. It will surely resolve the issue.