Can't see My Book Live on PS3 or Samsung Smart TV

I used to be able to see my 2tb MyBookLive on both my PS3 and Samsung Smart TV, but for some reason I no longer can.

I can see the MBL on my iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC so it is definately working Ok.

I press ‘source’ on the Samsung remote and it’s no longer in the list.

Nothing has changed in my setup. I have reset the MLB several times, rebuilt the database and powered it off / on.

It’s really quite frustrating! Are there any other steps I can take to connect the device again?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Are you using Twonky or the new WD Media Server?   

If you’re using Twonky, log into the Twonky GUI and see if your TV is still listed in the device list, and make sure the permissions are OK for the device.