Can't see music files when I scan my Music share

I created three shares on My Book Live: Music; Photos; and Movies. They are all public shares without a password and media serving is turned on for each share.
After loading files into all three shares I went to DLNA Media Server utility and ensured Media Streaming was enabled and then did a rescan. My photos and movies are detected but none of my music files are detected.
I can source photos and movies from wireless devices but I can’t source any music files, and I also cannot source any music files from my wdtv live or my Bose Soundtouch system.
I have deleted the music share and tried creating a new one but still I can’t source any music files.
Any ideas?


On what format do you have you music files?

Have you tried creating the share and resetting the unit?

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Thank you. Rebooting the device solved the issue. I still can’t see my flac files but I assume that is a different issue.

Thank you