Can't see little thumbnail picture to the left of the file name

When using WD my cloud app on my iPhone and going into photos there is usually a little picture preview of each and every photo to the left of the filename. Just recently when I started adding new photos and videos in my folders it stopped showing that little preview and then once I tap on it so I can see the photo it ends up displaying it in HD and take a few seconds. How do I illuminate the problem I’ve never had that issue before?

Hi Homer82, welcome to the WD Community. It can take a while for all of the thumbnails to be generated by the My Cloud. You can see when this process finishes in the Content scan status window. Check page 48 of the manual for more information.

My Cloud manual 

That’s odd. I know before it didn’t do that. I would drop and drag new pics in a folder, then go to my cloud app on my phone and bang they were their with the little preview of the picture to the left of the pictures file name. I wonder if clearing the cache would do anything? It’s just odd because all of sudden it started doing that to any new photos I add in are not showing a little preview of the picture and also when I click on the photo it opens it in HD view.

Hi again, in that case you could also try to rebuild the database. Note that this will redo all of the thumbnails from 0. Check page 77 for more information.

Thank you