Can't see files

I have had my passport for several months now and it has been working great.  I use it to store all of my music and picture files due to the fact that my laptop doesn’t have a very big hard drive.  All of a sudden when I plug it in to my laptop I can’t see any of the files.  The only thing that comes up is the partitioned recovery drive.  I have the 1TB version and it doesn’t even show me that there is empty space, of which I should have a ton!  Anyone else have this problem or have any idea how to fix it?  I am totally at a loss.

Please read this post.

I tried that multiple times.  It doesn’t show up there at all.  All it shows is the recovery section, system and laptop hard drive.  It’s like the other portion of the external drive doesn’t even exsist.

Try this if you’re using Windows XP. It helped some members in this community.