Can't see files to Retrieve

In my computer I can find the backedup files to retrieve but when I go to theWD Smartware, I can not see them. How to do I get Smartware to show them to me again?

Did you back them up with Smartware? Or were these manual backups? If they were manual you should be able to copy in the normal way.


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I backed them up with smartware.

I could see them in smartware this morning until I reformatted my laptop and when I have reinstalled Smartware, I no longer see them but I can see the files via my computer.

Do I need to manually reinstall them now?

I don’t see files using Smartware to retrieve but I can see them pulling up the drive in My Computer and looking there. I can’t retrieve files using Smartware unless I can actually see them. Have the same problem. I gave up on Smartware and just copied using My Computer.