Can't see files to retreive on new O/s install. nOOb alert!

O.k My wifes friends hard drive in her pc died. So I bought a new drive and reinstalled W7 X64 back on it. All has gone great until its time to retrieve the backup files. Using these drives and software to backup files I have never done. I like the old drag and drop via Windows explorer way… Anyhow,  upon using WD smartware and selecting the Retrive tab I see no files there to restore from. But if I go into the drive itself via Windows I can see the backup folder she has done. I open up the folder and it looks like everything is encrypted or something. I know this is the file as its 8Gb in size and has the date on it from when she did the back up.

So. How do I access these files and/ or retreive them? Am I supposed to setup this WD Smartware program in anyway? As It just came up by itself when I plugged it in for thr first time.


the restore steps can be found on this link

now… you don’t necessarily need smartware to restore the files

open the backup folder ( either smartware or smartware_stor )  and browse the folders 

there will be a folder with the name for the old computer ( old user ) another with the drive that was backed up and then the one for all users or owner…

drag and drop or copy and paste