Can't see files in Windows

Hi. I just connected new drive (passport ultra), installed drivers, and  then backed up  about 8 gig to the external drive using the (stupid) “smartware pro”. It seemed to do it and do it pretty fast too. BUT, was surprised that I could not view the files from Window. That is, Ehen I went to windows, hit the start window icon, clicked on Computer and clicked on “My passport”, none of the files it just copied are visible. they are clearly there since it shows there is a new 8 gig stored - but it won’t let me see them. I always have “show hidden files” chosen, though did not go in to see if i have to select that option again for each new thing I add. I knew I can go into the stupid smartware software and click on restore and view files that way, but that is not what I want to do. I would like to view the tree structure right from Windows the same way I view my internal hard drive or other attched media. I also want to be able to copy those files straight form Windows if desired without having to use that “smartware” garbage.

Can this be done? How?

Very frusatrating that this isn’t the default.  Thanks much!

Hi promethius, If you open your Passport from the Computer window, you will see a folder named smartware.swstor, inside this folder you will see a folder with the name of your PC and inside this folder you will see all of your files. 


Thanks much. Didn’t think to look there. Works great and its all there with preserved directory structure. Not sure yet how  the multiple copies (i.e. old saved versions) of each file will be saved - if I can’t find those I’ll put in a new quesion.

Hi again, by default Smartware will keep 5 copies of each edited file, if a file is not edited it will only save a single copy of that file. From the Smartware Retrieve tab you can click on the check box to show older versions of your files files. 

Specifying the Number of Backup Versions (Page 63)