Can't see drive in File Manager

I deleted the data on my WD Elements portable 2TB and now I don’t see it in File Manager. It shows as Disk 3 in Drive Manager…What can I do?

Try disconnecting the disk, reboot

then connect the disk again

Thanks, but I’ve already tried that…something is missing from the drive…

I found USB 1TB sticks for $30 now, might be time to retire the disk

The possible causes for such an issue can be an incompatible file system, missing drive letter, disk driver issues, damaged partition issues on the hard drive. In a worst-case, the drive itself is failing.

You can try below fixes to resolve the issue:

  1. Initialize the drive or drive partition
  2. Change/Assign drive letter
  3. Update Disk drivers
  4. Enable drive in BIOS

Hope it helps!!!