Cant see anyother external drive

I have a laptop with windows 7. When i start the computer up on the WIFI network I can access the WD but lose all external drives. If i start up the computer not on the network, i see all the external drives but obviously not the WD. How can i see both?

Did you fixed this issue?


These external drives are USB attached to the PC? Youre saying that when you connect your PC to the net that those drives don’t work any more?

Correct - once connected to the network, i can see the WD drive but cannot access any of the USB drives

So, what does that mean? You get error messages? The drive letters just disappear?


Yes to what?

The drive letters just disappear - it is not possible to identify any USB  attached drive or device whilst the Laptop is wirelessly logged into the same netwoek as the WD drive.

However, if signed on to another non WD drive network or is booted up with the wireless network disabled, the USB drives and devices are identifable and accessable