Can't see all the files (but some of them) on your NAS?

OK, this is one that had me scratching my head the last few days.

I installed the WD TV  Live on my network and it immediately saw my NAS. Pretty pleased with that, I started to play movies, only to see that some of the files were there, but not all.

I would see folders with one file in them, where there should have been dozens. Even though the files were physically there and I could see them from every computer (Macs and Windows XP alike) on the network.

By luck, I stumbled upon the solution (or call it a workaround as it’s still not clear what the problem is!): If I renamed a file, it would show up on the WD TV Live. So I went in every folder, renaming every file (gave me a good excuse to clean up and standardize my file names), and lo and behold, they are all showing on the WD Live TV now.

Just thought I’d post this in case someone else has the same problem, as I looked around and couldn’t find anything about  this on the net.

Really love this little gadget. Replaced a big, loud, hot and old multimedia computer. Now if only the thumbnails would work!  :)

Thanks for the info.  Hopefully it will help others.