Can't save file to MBL drive from PC but transfers are ok

I can’t seem to save a file to the MBL drive from my browser. I’m using Windows 8 and IE10. For example, I right-click on a file, choose Save Target As and the drive is not there. I can see the Twonky Server, but when click on the Video folder to save, a “root” subfolder is created and nothing saves. 

I know the drive is otherwise working well. I can transfer a file from my PC to the MBL after I download it to my PC. Thing is, I want to be able to save to the MBL directly. How can I get my PC to “see” the MBL when I try to save a file?

If this helps, I to need to login when accessing the drive (admin password). Could this be what’s preventing “Save Target As” access?

What am I missing?? 

SOLVED - This was a drive latter issue. I installed and ran WD Link, and it solved the problem. All is well with the world once again.