Cant safely eject HDD

I have had this problem for some time now, on several WD drives. Including a passport 250GB and a Mybook Essential 2TB. 

I have also experienced it with more than one computer. It happens on my laptop (Vista 32-bit) and desktop (Win7 64). Plus several other Windows machines.

What happens is that when I try to remove the drive, it says ‘cannot stop Generic drive, because a program is using it’.

But the problem is that I have carefully looked at the resources monitor and no program is accessing the drive. It is only AFTER I try to eject it that Windows starts accessing the drive. It shows up that Windows is accessing:




H: System Volume Information

Then after about 30 seconds it stops accessing the drive. But if I try to eject it, it happens all over again.

I have tried the WD eject tool and it doesnt work. The problem doesnt happen every time I use the drives, but I would say that in the past 2-3 years it has happened about 10% of the times I have used the drives, and that time period covers several different computers and several clean installations of Windows.

Does anybody know what is happening?


That’s actually a OS issue, it could happen with any drive. Unfortunately, you need to restart the computer to properly eject your drive.