Can't Rewind or FF MKV files + external subtitles

Recently I bought a WD TV Live Hub, but I am having some problems. Would like to know if someone has a solution for them:

1 - I can’t use external subtitles through DLNA with Twonky Server. Is the only solution for this case to merge the subtitle to the MKV/AVI?

2 - I can’t rewind or FF MKV files, they play fine, but it just doesn’t work

3 - MP4 files don’t show, it’s like they don’t exist.

I did another test using Mezzmo as a media server on a computer, and these problems don’t happen, but I have to use the WDTV as a media server instead.

Sharing files through Windows Media Server also allow me to rewind and FF MKV files.

Thanks in advance


See if this helps regarding the rewind or FF MKV files issue

Hi, thanks for the fast response.

Unfortunately I don’t think my problem has to do with the files, since they work as expected using Windows Media Server and Mezzmo.

I think it has something to do with Twonky profiles, or even clients.db.

I found this, but I don’t know where to start: