Can't rewind and forward most of videos streaming at LG WebOS

Hi guys

I would like to share my problem here hopefully is able to gets any solution

The problem is very annoying and shame that this is a basic feature but can’t get.

When I trying to move forward or rewind the movie, there is a one dialog box error shown at the right top of the screen telling that the function is not support. The most movie effected are in 3D format and Full HD movie.

As info, if I played the similar movie through an USB, there is a no problem. If I’m not mistaken, the previous firmware able to do so (forward and rewind) but not showing a subtitles. The latest one its solved the subtitle issue but can’t do forward and rewind a streaming movie.

Please Advice.



What’s the format of the files that you are trying to play?

just a normal movie 3D or Full HD file that downloaded from torrent.

There is a .mp4 file


I have WebOS TV too (LG LB730V) and NO problem to rewind or forward any MP4, MKV, 3D or other video file.

Have you last firmware installed on TV?

Hi albertomtb

Thank you for your info. But not understand what is the related with the OS Windows version?

Unfortunately mine is not. I’m using WD MYCloud 2TB and LG LB650047.

Both of them are ‘auto firmware update’ selected. I cannot tell now what is the firmware version but I believe its a latest one that I also quite frequently press the ‘check for updates’ button.


I have the same problem. 

I’m playing .MKV video from WD MY cloud on LG webOS TV 42LB671v with DLNA. 

You cant click on back and previous buttons on player controls (buttons are fade out)

Did you found some solution? 


This is an issue with a lot of DLNA NAS’, such as Synology and QNAP when directly streaming to a TV/Blu-Ray Player, but it is not an issue if you stream to a Roku, Xbox 360/One and PS3/4.

Although crappy, try streaming to them as they have the hardware to support it. I understand if you put a HDD into the TV it will RR/FF, trust me, I know.

Oh dear.

I’ve been giving Sony a right shouting-at about this, as when I stream .mp4 files to the BDP-S3200 Bluray player, I can’t pause, rewind or FF.

MKV or AVI work fine.

All files work fine on PS3 (hence my shouting at Sony)

So do we think it’s a Twonky error?

Bit poor, innit?

Im not too sure why to be honest. 

I know there is DLNA and Twonky, try streaming via both and see if its a problem on both.