Can't retrieve my files from my passport drive

From one day to the next something happened with my passport. It just doesn’t work!!

When I connect it to the computer it makes a strange noise that I don’t recognize. The computer picks up that a “mass storage unit” is connected to the USB port but I can not enter the drive from “my computer”. There is no sign there of the passport being connected.

Does anyone have any idea of what to do about this problem. It is quite urgent, as I have important papers to hand in that I have only saved on this hard drive (my computer broke down…).

How can I access the content of my passport!?


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Hello Livia,

I am unfortunately not posting a solution for you. I am in the exact same situation. If one of us find a aolution, we could post here to share the info?

I found this  wd my passport noise

Good luck.

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Hi Livia:

It seems that we have the ssame problem. My Western Digital Portable passport stopped working all of  a sudden. I caanot retrieve my information. I started asking around and it seems that this is a very cmmon big problem with this type of  electronic device.

I learned my lesson and from now on I will save my files in more than one place. All I can tell you is to contact  tech support.

Good luck.

I will do the same.

I also cannot retreive my files and am very concerned.  I am worried that I have lost everything.  I need help. 

It seems it is not my own problem I have two WD both of them didot work one make the same noise and then can’trecognize it in my desk top or any laptop I just see its icon on storage device and I can’t open my files there is no icon for itin my computer or it autoplay like before

any one help me please it has my all my three years work for my PhD and it will be disaster not to recover this data

here is my email any one can find anything to help . [text deleted for privacy] 

Hi There,

It all depends on what type of noise it sounds like, Clicking noise or is more like scratching noise (pitching)

* If it’s clicking noise, than there may be an easy solution to retrieve the data, as it most likely is a lack of power issue:

1- If you’re using a different usb cable, not the original short one that came with it, try the short cable

2- If connected to a usb hub, connect it directly to a usb port ( desktop pc, usb port in the back is preffered )

3- In case of power problem in the drive’s enclosure, you may need to try the power booster cable ( Y cable )

* If it’s scratching noise, than the problem is hard to fix, may not be a usb cable issue, has to be the drive itself :

1- You may need to try another usb cable anyways

2- You will need to send it to a data recovery company to have your data recovered


Anyone please help…

I am a photographer.
I have a Western Digital External Hard Disk 160GB.
I stored about 140 GB of customers photos and photo projects in my WD hard disk.
Very important to me.

Suddenly one day , i couldn’t access into my external Hard Disk.
I right click on the hard disk , out of my 160 GB , i have 6 GB free space, and used up 142GB which is true.
But i cannot see anything when i access into the hard disk.

I tried the following :

  1. I used my Kaspersky Internet security to scan it over and over again just in case it was infected by any kind of virus. No Virus found.

  2. I check on “the folder option” for “Show hidden files”, still failed to see anything on my external Hard disk.

  3. i tried my external hard disk on few computers, but remained failed to see any of my files.

Customers are rushing me to deliver the project photos.

Anyone have found the solutions , please share … please …

Livia , have you solved your problems? any method ?

Please help …anyone …

Looks that your hdd is experiencing data corruption, try right click on the drive in computer and click properties, then try to check now option under tools tab, and check both check boxes for auto fix.

if that doesn’t help, you will need data recovery software or data recovery company to recover your data.

Advice: Always always keep your files on 2 different destinations ( like 2 different hdds ).

So, do I understand you correctly? I should always have a second backup of all data, for instance onto DVD or CD media, at least? In addition to the WD external drive?

Is this because they are so very delicate or what?

How do I run a test now to see if I can retrieve my files from the wd external drive?

if i find a way be sure ill save the day haha thankyou

if you will

I assure you i will some how find a way and will let you no, ive lost important pictures and videos i wont give up stephen bishop-manchester united kingdom

I have had the same problem. Don’t panic. All is not lost.

WD have a data recovery service provider but it costs a bomb.

I did it myself, but you have to open the casing to get at the harddrive. Unfortunately, this will void the warranty if it is still under warranty.

There are videos re opening a WD Passport.

To do the recovery, I purchased the Data Recovery software from RStudio and bought the connecting hardware from Nexons Electronics ( item # Y2-HI8B-WAN5.

Both item are not expensive and a lot cheaper than using WD data recovery.

And getting your data back, can’t put a price on that, can we.

If you need any further advice, please ask.


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