Can't Retrieve Files from WD2GO

Recently I received an e-mail from WD2GO saying my account was over it’s storage capacity and had been locked/frozen. I wasn’t even aware I had an account.

The Support tech that I spoke with stated that they had re-activated the account so I could retrieve the files, and stated that they could not aid me in retrieving any files.

Once in the account, there is nothing to download. All the file are “archived”, I cannot restore them, any attempt at restoring the folders through the Restore option doesn’t work, clicking “Download” does nothing… I’ve updated or installed all apps and software available… How the heck am I supposed to get these files?

I’m thinking you’ve been phished.

WD2go didn’t work that way; it required you to have a supported WD NAS storage device.

If you had WD2go, you’d remember it, I should think…