Can't restore a client PC from a Sentinel backup

I had a client machine wiped out by a virus.

Windows was reinstalled and the old data was moved. The client machine now has a different PC name then it had before, and a different IP address too.

I have a full backup of the machine on the Sentinel.

Made a USB recovery drive for the client, boot up with the USB recovery drive and the client says this:

Does the client need to have the same PC name and IP address in order to restore from the Sentinel backup?

Thanks for any help, we have had this Sentinel for many years, and this is the first time i’ve ever had to restore a cleint machine.

I managed to get past the uEFI bios issue, but now it can’t find the sentinel on the network, absolutely maddening.

Ok, I finally got this to work by using the 32 Bit full system restore along with using a 32 bit Windows 7 driver for the Realtek NIC. It refused to see the Sentinel with the 64 bit Realtek driver.

I also had to re-enable the Admin account on the Sentinel in order to initiate the Client backup, as it refused the other admin level accounts on the Sentinel.

It has been restoring for the last 2 hours, with another 2 to go.

Will report back as to whether or not the bare metal restore was successful or not.

So I restored the Client last night, and now the system will not boot up Windows 10.

Trying to run /Fixmbr and some of the obvious stuff.

The nightmare continues

yea the network driver thing is confusing and just wrong. Admin would have to be enabled, but computer name and ip make no difference on a full metal restore

Just have to hunt down the boot error

thanks for responding.

after this machine was wiped out by a virus, I hastily reinstalled Windows 10…

I then finally was able to restore a backup from the Sentinel to the machine, but now it appears to have multiple partitions and cannot boot up the machine.

this an HP PC with uEFI

here is a shot of the partition table - after restoring from the Sentinel:

I can’t find the links right now and I am old and forget
You start with a clean disc
You must press f10 or whatever to get the boot menu and select a uefi thumb
you start the wizard and it may fail but you can select diskmgr from it
create a partition and then the wizard will work

the problem i am now having is that the backup is not giving me the option to select the system partitions from the Sentinel backup.

so it will basically just let me restore the Windows C: partition from the Sentinel client, but not the other necessary partitions (like System, etc.) that will actually enable the Windows 10 client to boot up.

This is such a colossal pain, I am retiring this Sentinel soon and will look for something else that does bare metal backups

it is mission critical to restore this client from the full bare metal backup made by the Sentinel, as there are some special programs installed on said machine. Being able to just restore files won’t be enough in this case.

i guess more than anything I am lucky that I have not had to ever perform a bare metal backup in the past 5 years.

after 2 days on this, I’ve yet to be able to restore a backup from the Sentinel to ANY client on my LAN.

I think it does the others automagicly, just select system

just select what you can

The documentation I have seen online with screenshots shows images where it will ask you if you want to restore all partitions from the Sentinel backup - yet I do not have that option, you can only pick one.

Trying it again now.

so here’s the problem:

after hitting next, there is this - I don’t know what to select here:

i think you need to run disk mgr advanced and delete all partitions
(or say yes and see what happens)
but I would delete all first

On the first attempt of restoring the client, I chose ‘yes’, and the system would not boot up.

I am now trying it with the ‘no’ option.

3 hours to know if it will work.

This is one of the wonkiest pieces of software I’ve ever dealt with, truly unbelievable how much time and energy this has taken to simply restore an image, I mean you have GOT to be kidding me here.

appreciate your time and help on this Gramps.

here is what I was looking for


I’m back at work, and while it restored the image overnight, the windows 10 machine will NOT boot up.

When I try and run bootrec /fixboot is gives me “access denied”

This is looking like a lost cause.

try this for me
boot from the thumb start the wiz, when you get to that screen with run disk mgr advanced, do that and delete all the partitions
then I think the option will be simply restore all, not what/where