Can't reset password in Networkshare screen?

I am trying to log in on my Thecus N4200ECO with my WD TV Live Hub, and it will not work anymore !

I have the old configuration file on the Thecus put back but that did nothing while it used to be working well.

The 19 litle stars showing in the screen I can’t delete, the upper “anonemous” is the only thing i can change the stars will remain in the screen :frowning:

I have also tried to reset in three different ways, but no luck on the WD tv live, the screen comes back with the same data with “anonymous” in the first line and “19 stars” in the second line.

So with the data that have always worked, I can still log in on my main computer, but not on the Thecus NAS, even though I put back the old configuration files.

“anonymous” I can change the “19 stars” I can not change, I’m tired of this problem, please help me !

The 19 stars are ALWAYS there.  It doesn’t represent the presence or length of a password.

If you’re using the default Anonymous, the password is actually null, even though there are stars showing.

I have my old config from the Thecus put back and now I can not very strange. At thecus,

It has always worked until a week ago, when I changed to the thecus, nothing ever came an error screen, but after checking “remember me” everything went as before, very strange.

Will it help to fill in User name and password of the Thecus on the WD TV Live Hub? 

On the WDTV, the anonymous user will only work if the share you’re connecting to is configured as Public or “Guest” share.

This is the Thecus setting ! nothing wrong I think ?

18-1-2014 16-25-08.jpg