Can't Remove "SmartWare" - Is this Advertising Deception and Class Action Lawsuit?

This is very annoying that they install a hidden partition taking up this much storage space without giving us the tools to properly remove the hidden partition and claim that space back. We paid for the advertised space, not some of it.

This is called advertising deception. They advertise 1 TB but I only get 960GB and this isn’t listed on the box, in the documentation or Internet advertisements, so you believe your getting something your not. Between the two drives I just purchased, that is 80GB total. Don’t get me wrong, we purchase a lot of WD’s products and they are great, but this specific issue is wrong. You have to inform the public this type of information so they can make the proper determination whether they want this product or another and provide the tools to remove it if they don’t.

Reading all the post regarding this same problem, support can only help with hiding the Virtual CD “Apply this and it will be hidden” but not removed. It would be easy to take it back and purchase another product, but it’s not fair for current and future consumers to have to deal with this since it wasn’t properly labeled for us to make an informed decision.

We waste a lot of time and expense purchasing online or traveling to purchase this product and find out about the storage limitation and the fact it can’t be permanently removed. Now we have to go through the hassles of returning it (at our expense) and purchase another item/product or the delay in receiving a replacement in the mail.

I will take the box, Internet Advertising and product documentation to some attorneys on this and report my findings. Might be a class action lawsuit for deceptive advertising and not providing the proper tools to remove this.

The “hidden storage space” on the drive only takes up about 622 MB. The missing storage space your talking about is different and happens with EVERY drive you buy. A 1TB drive is so called because it has 1,000,000,000,000 bytes of storage space. However, your computer looks at it differently. To your computer, 1 KB is 1,024 bytes. Thus when you divide the 1,000,000,000,000 bytes by the 1,024 bytes/KB your computer sees you get 976,562,500 KB. Keep dividing by 1024 and you get 931 GB. This is what your computer should show as total storage space.

I’m not sure how you ended up with 960 GB showing, but since this is more than the 931 GB that you should have, you’re doing good.