Can't remove password from external usb passport drive

When i go to settings in smartware I don’t see any security options I only see this. How do i remove all security from the drive? I have the password. I just want it to be a normal drive without a password now please.

Hello and welcome to the community,

You can try formatting the drive. This will delete all data from it but it will also delete the security. You can also make sure the drive is unlocked. If the drive is locked the security settings will not appear. 

I have the same problem with my ‘My Passport Ultra’.

I cannot believe that the only option to resolve it is to format the drive.  Why is it that ‘WD Security’ gives me the option to ‘remove security’ and when I do use it, it doesn’t work.

Everything is presented to you, as a user, as being so easy but there are some basic issues that shouldn’t really be hapening, or not happening in this case.