Can't remove my password from Passport 1 TB!

I 've posted the same message in another sub-forum but I think this is the place.

So up to the problem.

I am using Windows Vista, don’t ask why, don’t know really!!! jeje I have updated the last version of SmartWare and WD Security!

Now  up to the problem: 

I know the password, but I want to connect it to my TV and password is a problem. So i decided to deactivate it.

I downloaded WD Security as at the normal Smartware I didn’t have any of that choice. I pressed my password which is right for sure, then clicked on Remove Security , then clicked on Update security settings and then a new pop-up window showed up enforcing me to reput a new password.

Here is a screencap:

WD Security.jpg

What’s the problem and what should I do? I have seen that a solution can be to download the WDSmart ware again. But doesn’t this mean that all the data of my hard disc will be lost???  Thanks a lot!!

The security has already been removed.

The reason why you are getting the option to input a new password is because the old one no longer exist.

You can exit that screen or input a new password if you want.