Can't register for WD2Go on My Book Live


I recently bought a My Book Live to back up my home network, got it all installed, seemed to be working great.

However, I then upgraded the software, as prompted by the software, and am trying to access WD2Go, so that I can get remote access to my files.

The help pages are saying its located in the dashboard, on settings, and Remote Access.   All I’m seeing is WD Photos, and mionet, which because of the upgrade is now not exactly flavour of the month in future functionality.

Is there something I need to do differently in order to be able to set up WD2Go registration?



Go into Ststem–> Updates and check your firmware version. To use WD2Go the update should make hanges to ur device and Mionet will no longer be present. The current firmware version is 02.10.09-124