Can't register for WD Support

Hi, I’m not sure if it’s right place to ask this but simply, I just can’t register to Support. My HDD have problems and I decided to go with warranty, but it requires me to sign up WD Support.
But when I fill the every field, it just gives me error. I searched about it and it seems a major problem with this site. So yeah, please help me. I have to register support asap.
I can give my email details to admins.

I posted a long post about this but somehow it got deleted.
But now I won’t bother to write all the things again. Why can’t I register? Help me asap please.

I’d recommend double-checking your hard drive’s serial number. If there’s a mistaken digit you will not be able to register your unit. I’d also recommend trying a different Internet browser if you are certain your information is correct but still not accepted by WD’s servers.

WD Support can also register your unit for you and process an RMA over the phone.

I have also forwarded your registration issues to the appropriate teams.

Yeah, title. It gives me an error. Its like this since my main language is Turkish
“RMA oluşturma sırasında bir hatayla karşılaşıldı.”
Its something like this “There is an error occurred while creating a RMA”

So yeah, what should I do know? I really need to create RMA. Please help me.