Can't read or write label to LTO-6 tapes


I got a fresh new LTO-6 SAS drive but Arkeia 10.2 doesn’t seem to be able to use it. When writing the label to a tape, I got no error but if I try to read the label I got a warning message saying the tape has no arkeia label.

I tried several tapes and still have the same problem. I do believe my drive is working because a simple backup with tar works.

Any idea ?



If your LTO6 is a Half Height model, please set the Tape Drive Type in Arkeia from LTO6 to LTO5.


The LTO6 drive definition in Arkeia as sell as the LTO5 is set to use a variable block size, but different buffer size.

The LTO6 uses a buffer size of 524288 in which some HH LTO6 drives do not support.

I’m experiencing the same thing. It is a HP 6250 Half Height Drive and setting the drive type to LTO5 didn’t help.

arkeiad WD Arkeia 10.2.12

[ 67.212616] scsi0 : cciss
[ 67.213958] scsi 0:0:0:0: Sequential-Access HP Ultrium 6-SCSI 35BD PQ: 0 ANSI: 6
[ 67.214990] scsi 0:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg0 type 1
[ 67.235950] st: Version 20081215, fixed bufsize 32768, s/g segs 256
[ 67.236193] st 0:0:0:0: Attached scsi tape st0
[ 67.236195] st 0:0:0:0: st0: try direct i/o: yes (alignment 4 B)
[ 67.244418] osst :I: Tape driver with OnStream support version 0.99.4
[ 67.244419] osst :I: $Id: osst.c,v 1.73 2005/01/01 21:13:34 wriede Exp $

[216699.164458] st0: Block limits 1 - 16777215 bytes.
[222030.175785] program arkdev is using a deprecated SCSI ioctl, please convert it to SG_IO

I can tar to and from the drive/tape but arkeia doesn’t seem to like it:

2016/04/04 12:28:08 E05740070 arkdev (26222) read_label [L799]: read return -1, should read 8192, error Success
2016/04/04 12:28:08 E05740160 arkdev (26222) read_label [L395]: bad end: return 4

2016/04/04 12:28:19 E05720110 arkdev (26222) devclose [L350]: bad end: Flush at close (16: Device or resource busy)
2016/04/04 12:28:19 E05720140 arkdev (26222) devfree [L381]: bad end: No message
2016/04/04 12:28:19 E01130080 arkdev (26222) nlp_read_data: peer has closed connection
2016/04/04 12:28:19 E01180370 arkdev (26222) rrdhdr [L601]: Bad end:
2016/04/04 12:28:19 E01180560 arkdev (26222) rrdargs [L902]: Bad end:
2016/04/04 12:28:19 E02050220 arkdev (26222) acx_listen: Can’t read transaction start from host FQDNOFMYARKEIASERVER (Connection closed by peer)
2016/04/04 12:28:19 E02050260 arkdev (26222) acx_listen [L339]: Bad end: Connection error

Is there already a soltution for this issue? I would like to use a LTO7 HH with Ark 10.2.12. and I think that will also an issue for this drive. Thanks

Upgrading from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 14.04 fixed the issue for us. It seems that it was an issue with either the kernel version or the device listing. We are trying to find a new backup solution though as WD has killed future development for arkeia and we are in the process of moving from ubuntu 14.04 to ubuntu 16.04