Can't read files on new mac: Passport Ultra


I have been using a WD Passport Ultra to backup my Macbook Air. That computer doesn’t work anymore, so I am looking to move the files from the external hard drive and onto my new Macbook Air. When I try to get to the files, I can see the Main folders(Applications, Desktop, Documents, etc). When I try to open the files, it says that the folder “can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contents.”

The Lock check box under “Get Info” is unchecked but I am unable to touch it.

How can I access these files?

Thank you!

I’m facing the same problem. Mac can read the folders but can’t open/move the files inside those folders. After running disk checking, no error was found. Any solutions for this problem? Thanks.

I followed the instructions here and it was able to unlock my files. It involves downloading some software but it allows you to chang the permissions of the files.