Can't reach My Cloud from Windows 10 anymore

Hi everyone,

Since several weeks I can’t reach my My Cloud from Windows 10 anymore. There is something wrong with the IP number but I don’t know how to fix it. So, please help me out…

What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far? Have you rebooted your router to see if that helps?
What is showing under Network for the My Cloud? Have you tried a right click on anything to see what would open?


A right click on WDMYCLOUD and then click on Open.

I think it’s Windows. Under Linux everything works fine.

How about some troubleshooting to rule things out.

I have Windows 10 with all updates on my new desktop computer and I am not having any problems. I also had it on my old desktop PC without any problems. It is on my Laptop too, and my My Cloud works fine.

I was facing a similar situation with my MyCloud and a couple of EX2 NAS I have. I had to bring SMB to level 1 to be able to access the NAS from Windows Explorer. For EX2 is easy… but for MyCloud I had to SSH to the NAS and edit smb.conf to set the protocol to NT1.