Can't proceed

I opened a case on July 6 and after going back and forth they told me to send it to their recovery service. The recovery service has had my drive for three months. Every time I email them they tell me one to two more weeks. This is not acceptable. They won’t give me a code for a new drive until the recovery is complete. I am so over this.I just want my data back at this point.

Hi @ChrissyKR,

I request to please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I finally got my data back and I was sent a coupon code. When I try to check out it says cannot be delivered to my address. I tried two other family members addresses and the same thing. Now mycoupon code doesn’t work. This is ridiculous. I reached out to customer support two weeks ago about this issue and I have not heard anything back.