Can't PLUG my passport in my mac!

hello, i am having an issue with my external drive! i have for more that one year! i divided it in 3 particions one for windows the other for mac and the last one for my time machine back up! i used sometimes in a pc to save some docs… but now when i tried to plug it in to my mac immediately it mess up my mac an i have to restart it all the time! it even doesn’t show on my mac as i recognised but win i tried to plug it in to a pc it show the windows partition! P/N WDBAAA5000ABK-00 PLS HELP ME ! WHAT SHOULD I DO??? Appreciate it! Julian Garcia

The Mac partition seem to be corrupted. You can use a data recovery program to recover the files and then reformat the partition. 

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Creating multiple partitions on the drive normally ends up damaging the drive.

Changes are you will eject one partition and not the other one.

Use a recovery software on the windows computer and reformat the hard drive.

You can use Recuva.

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appreciate it!!! 

so what u mean is that i need to dowload Recuva to reformat my hard drive? 

cos actually i dont care about any file! i just wanna be able to use again as a time machine!!!

in order to that…is the another way to reformat it ???

thanks M8!

You can connect to windows  Write Zeros with DLG and then connect to the Mac and  Partition