Can't play You Tube Music Videos

When I try to play You tube music videos on my WD TV Live I get a message which says something like “the content owner has blocked this video from playing on a TV”

Is there a setting I have incorrect?  Has anybody else seen this message?


Yes. It appears that most pop videos are automatically stopped from playing on TV enable devices such as the WDTV. This is nothing to do with WD but something that youtube does. I have a video with a pop song soundtrack which youtube allows me to keep even though it tells me that the soundtrack is copyright. However it sets a flag on the video to stop it playing on the WDTV. I have reset the flag but within a day or so youtube changed it back. Anybody can set this flag if they don’t want their video being played on a TV device - I don’t know why you would want to but you can.

Thanks Rich.  That’s a real bummer as I only bought it for my daughetr to watch the music videos!

Wovian, would this help you out LINK