Can't play wav files

I just installed WDTV Live Streaming & am using J Rive on a windows server to push files to the WD. I have most of my 2000+ CDs ripped to wav files. However WD won’t play any of the files. I select a track & it doesn’t do anything. I then thought I would try onme of the 2-3 mps files I have. I pushed to WD and it worked. That’s good and bad. I was fully under impression wav files would play. What could be wrong with my files?!!

I have been working for weeks doing final setup of my home network with varioues equipment, all of which have had any number of issues. My head hurts.

Do they play if you just select from the player and not push them? How did you rip your wav files?

Hi Rich. Thx for responding.

I was not able to get the files to play via pull. That is, from the WD. I ripped all my CDs using DBPoweramp. It works with everything else i’ve go set up in my system. Maybe it will help to detail some of my system;

For my main listening room, I’m using a Viola Creascendo Preamp/DAC. JRiver is installed on a CAPS v3 Zuma server that feeds directly into the Crescendo. Everything plays extremely well …16bit wavs, my hi rez 24 bit downloads, etc. No issues what so ever.

The reason I implemented & installed the WD was strictly to create another zone in JRiver that would allow me to control volume adjustment. This is to feed Zones within my home, including my deck, etc, outside of my primary listening room. I want to be able to control volume utilizing eithert JRiver iPhone ap to control JRiver or feed via “Synology Audio Station iPhone ap” from my Synology Diskstation DS1815. To feed to the other zones, I cannot use the Viola preamp…I must first send the audio from the WD (or other DLNP Player) into my surround Processor, a Lexicon MC-12hd. This will then distribute the audion to the other parts of my home. Man…my systrem is simple yet, as with all of this tehnology, highly complicated due to all of the possiblibilities. I thoiught it would simply be plug & play but, as ussual, I am finding it’s not that simple. Love this sdtuff…technology. But, if I were an IT person I’m sure I’s have much less problems!

Why not rip to MP3 or FLAC?

Are you ripping your wav files with added info which the WD player cannot handle? I believe that dbpoweramp adds certain extra info to wav files by default.

I assume that you were joking when you said your system was ‘simple’. My system is simple, I play mp3 files from my WD player via my TV or an amp!

I do have flac but they won’t play either. Rather use better audio quality than mp3…

Hi RichUK. Yea, I was joking…just burnt out trying to figure all this stuff out! Just seems that every project or addition to my system presents chalenges that really require someone much more technically savy than I am. I get around quite well but I am limited.

Try getting a standard wave file from somewhere and attempt to play it.

It would seem quite safe to get one from the link below


I have just downloaded the first audio file on the page above, the 17.6 MB file in the WAVE column entitled,


It plays perfectly on my WD Streaming Player.

Out of interest I also downloaded the 11.1 MB Flac version and that also played perfectly.

For info.

I have downloaded the dbpoweramp trial and used it to rip a CD in both wav and flac formats. They do add extra information to both the wav and flac file but I was still able to play all the files on my WD Live Streaming Player.

Thanks richuk for testing those files. I really appreciate it.

I have no idea why I’m having this issue. Just can’t get my head around it.

Most often, when I send a file using JRiver my processor will inicate it’s recieving 48kHz but i get no sound. This leads me to believe that it is something in the processor but I have triple checked everything and can’t find the problem. I gotta think on this over the next couple days.

What are you sending that is 48khz. A ripped CD is 44khz.

I meant to say 44…