Can't play video from usb drive


I have my WD Live Hub 2 days now and i have read the manual a lot of times but i can’t find a solution.

I have 3 external USB hard drives, a WD Elements 2TB and 2 Samsung Story station 1,5TB. And when i connect one of this drives the Live Hub ask to sync. but i don’t want that because the drives are full (bigger than the internal 1TB disk) and it will take a lott of time.

So i press cancel when i ask to sync. than i see on the top of my TV “Compiling media library” this take 3 minutes. When this is done, i see that the Live Hub found 1132 movie’s, some photo’s and some audio. But when i press one of the menu’s (video, photo or audio) there are no files in it. Only the sample media is in the maps but not the 1132 video files from my external drive.

I got this problem with al of my USB drives even my USB stick with 1 movie on it.

And i don’t find a sollution so if someone knows somethings let me know.

Sorry for the bad English 

try to update your firmware

I installed the latest firmware but no luck

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If you are seeing sample media, then you are probably looking only at e INTERNAL drive. Press the RED button, select local storage, the select your drive.

Ok, but i select USB 1 and than their comes a green icon " V ".

And then i hit, back but the files doesn’t come in the folder.

Or am i doing something wrong?

I think the green ICON you’re referring to is a “Checkmark.,” meaning OK.  You need to click that.   Don’t hit BACK.

Ok, that was it.

I had to press ‘OK’ in stead of back.

It works, but they could be more specific in the manual fot this.

Thanx everyone