Can't play some videos


I’m wondering why my player won’t play certain videos, especially mp4. I thought it plays everything? Or do I have to update some codecs or what?

Here are the infos about two videos that won’t play:

Video Codec: x264
Video Bitrate: 1500 kbps
Video FPS: 59.940
Video Resolution: 720x404

  • Captured via Hauppauge HD-PVR in 1920x1080 Progressive format with AC3 5.1 SPDIF Audio Source.

  • Commercials and certain Intermission content edited out to decrease file size

  • Resized to 720x404 16:9 FPS 59.940 Progressive

  • Encoded using x264 High Profile @ 4.2 (for Xbox/PS3 Compatibility) Medium Preset CABAC ON** Average Bitrate 1200 kbps for video 128 kbps NERO-AAC (Normalized 100%) For Audio


Video Codec: x264
Video Bitrate: 4000 kbps
Video FPS:
Video Resolution: 1280x720


Is it that x264? But it plays other x264 files… Weird. How can I solve this?


Um, FPS?

AFAIK, needs to be 30 or below (like 24).  Re-encode with that and see if that works.

the first one 59, the second I don’t know, almost certainly more than 30. But are you sure that this is the problem? I think that it has already played a lot of videos with a higher FPS rate.

edit: I just checked it. It has played videos x264 videos at 60 fps.