Can't play some videos on multiple iOS devices

I’ve got a MyCloud that i’ve recently uploaded a bunch of videos to (AVI, MPG, WMV, etc.).

I’ve got two different iPhones (5 and 6) that can both see the files through the My Cloud app but all of them appear with a “?” icon and therefore won’t play.  If I try to filter on “Videos”, I get the “WDGeneralNetworkError error 500” error message.

I’ve re-scanned my database, i’ve un-installed and re-installed the app on the iPhones - nothing helps.

Other videos, pictures and music from other directories on the My Cloud are viewable and playable through the iOS app (although i’m noticing that I get the “error 500” when trying to filter on music/pictures, etc.).

Anyone have any ideas?


Hi jcavanaugh, welcome to the WD Community. The iPhone 5/6 only supports .mp4 videos natively.

I had a similar problem on my 5s and ipad. Playable ( free version) did the trick. I upgraded to pro for a couple of quid but the free version worked fine.

Hope this helps