Can't play .mov Security Camera Files on iPhone 5

I just got t 2TB My Cloud drive and have my home security cameras set up to record the video to the drive. My intent was to make it easy for me to view the files remotely. I can view the files fine on my iPad through the mycloud app, but on my iPhone 5 I only see the 1st frame of the image and it never starts playing (even through the play symbol changes to the pause symbol). Since this is security camera video it is not 30fps. When I brought up the video file on my PC the file properties are: H.264 AVC, Bitrate=4.16Mbps, 1920x1080, 6.66fps, Frame Type=Progressive.

I can play the files on my PC, iPad, and iPhone (via the security camera app on the phone).

Any thoughts about a possible solution?


I just edited one of the files in a video editing tool and saved it at 30fps. The My Cloud iPhone app played the file fine. Not sure what else the video editing tool may have changed, but maybe the My Cloud app cannot handle different FPS rates?

Generally certain security cameras manufacturers encode their video files in formats, that while it may seem standard (mov, mp4, avi, etc.), are in fact proprietary which causes media file players to be unable to play the media file. Often those security manufacturers will have software that will convert their video to a compatible format capable of being played on various media players.

Generally the My Cloud doesn’t deal with or worry about frame rates, rather it is the media client playing the video file that deals with the frame rate and if that frame rate is not standard the media player may be unable to play the file properly.