Cant play dvd's iso or Video_ts


I cant play ripped dvd’s(.iso or VIDEO_TS folder) with or without menu on my WD. It says this file is not supported.

i can play the vob files, but cant select a subtitle then.

On my wd hub the files play fine, annyone got the same problem or know a solution?

What is the firmware that you are running on your WDTV Live SMP?

Do a Factory reset or downgrade the firmware to see if that helps, I am running 1.03.10 FW and I do not have playback issue like yours (Agree sproadically it still displays “Unable to play this type of media, Please refer to user manual for supported file formats”) But most of the time it is due to the fact that Media Library has not yet finished the content aggreation.

My suggestion would be.

  1. Reset to factory defaults, if that fails, 

Try to downgrade the firmware from this link below:

Just Edit the file wdtvlivegen3.ver found in this package file to look like this





and save the file along with the rest of the FW package in the USB stick and Plug the USB stick into the media player, it will notify a new firmware is available and “Downgrade” thinking that it is upgrading.

Do a Factory reset if you still have problems again with 1.03.10 FW and see if that helps.

Good Luck!


 Oops! I read that WD have taken out the option to rollback to previous firmware

If you are doing this steps anyway, Do it at your own risk.

Hi, a update

I bought a 2nd live streaming media player yesterday, and noticed that this one played all the files with no problems from a usb hd.

So i started to look at the other one that is playing from my nas, it seems if i play from the nas a a shared folder it plays the files fine. But when i connect to the nas as a media server it wont play them.

So for now i think its more the nas or combination of them then only the media player.

The same issue while playback from my NAS via SMB Share  (I report here  Size limitation of Iso-files? ) My Xtreamer Sidewinder plays theses files flawless…


I have the error “Unable to play this type of media, Please refer to user manual for supported file formats”, too with these ISO’s and I read the Thread " Playback Issues with M2TS, MPG, MPEG, and TS video…" and I guess, the main issue is the failure to playback m2ts files  W I T H  DTS sound . In may case, the relevant iso contains m2ts/DTS files. Hope, these will be fixed asap.

Remanus:   *no* DLNA media server / client can serve or play ISOs natively.

If you want to play ISOs or VIDEO_TS folders *with* DVD navigation, you must use NETWORK SHARE or local storage.

The problem with networkshare is updating the folders. Hate the turning off part

You don’t need to turn it off.   Just use the RESCAN option when the folder is highlighted.