Can't output audio through receiver, only TV

Hello all,

I just picked up a WDTV Live SMP gen 3 and have run into a problem with audio – the issue is that I can only get the sound to play though the TV speakers (stereo) rather than the 5.1 receiver to which it’s connected.  It’s hooked up using HDMI to the receiver, then HDMI out to the TV.  When I go into audio settings and try and use the auto-detect it always sets the output settings to PCM stereo.  If I try to force it to DTS using the manual option it seems to save just fine but still sends stereo through to the TV.

I would assume this is a receiver problem if not for the fact that the WDTV is replacing an XBMC PC which had no problem sending 5.1 audio – nor does my XBox 360 or Blu-Ray player that are also currently hooked up to the receiver, all using HDMI.

Thanks for any tips anyone can provide!

Well, I’m not sure why but it’s working now.  Weird!