Can't open my WD External Drive

I’m a bit freaking out here. First off, I’m brand new here to the page / site. I’m not a hard drive tech or anything like that. I just made this account, desperate for help.
I’m a freelance videographer so I use my portable hard drive as my work, it’s basically my entire life. As I’m working on a video last night, my hard drive slipped off my computer and fell to the ground it was probably a 3 foot drop. But it’s fallen before so I never really thought anything of it. It’s fallen, plugged it back in and it’s always worked fine. Not after last night. It accidentally dropped, the cord stayed attached to my computer but it detached from the hard drive and it fell to the carpeted floor.
I picked it up and plugged it back in. But now it’s not linking the media files in my video timeline, which I thought was weird because when I just plugged it back in it would always re-link itself. So I shut the program down and rebooted my laptop. (EliteBook 8560w , don’t know if that will help make a difference or not) When it booted back up I searched for the drive on my computer panel and couldn’t find it. I’ve watched videos how to re-link it, how to fix my hard drive, I’m trying to do everything I can because this device CAN NOT fail right now. I don’t know how long warranty on these are, it’s a little under 2 years I’ve had it, but I’ve moved over 4 years worth of work and school into it.
I should also add when I first plug it in, my computer does the dinging chi,e sound that I plugged it in. It does that for when I plug it in and take it out, but it’s not showing up on my windows panel and I’m a bit worried that it might be damaged and won’t be able to recover anything. The hard drive itself does not make any noise either.
I’m stressed out because I need to make a 30 minute video for a banquet in the very beginning of December that I’ve been working on for the past month. Any help would be terrific. I’ve tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, I’ve tried disk management, I’ve tried a different cable, But I’ve gone about as far as I can with my knowledge, I need help and Fast!! Please and thank you!

Hi there,

You can also try a different computer to see if the drive comes up, hope this helps you out.