Can't Open Hidden/Locked Backup File in ! TB Passport (Win 7)


Can’t Open Windows Back-up File on Passport

Sorry, but I did not receive an email confirmation of my case in inbox, spam, or trash. So I am asking for help here.

Did a back-up of Win 7 pc using Windows back-up. Need to open back-up on Passport to look for missing “MY Doc” files on a Win 7 Dell desktop. Back-up file on WD Passport is not in bold text…looks like it is locked or hidden and have not been able to open it. Un-hide files is checked. Did CMD command of "attrib -h -r -s /s d k:. and enter. Access denied on all results. How to open this file on USB Passport. k was drive letter of device (Passport). Can anyone help me open this file?

Hello, have you tried to enable “Show hidden files and folder”? Have you attempted t check for this files on another computer?

Yes, too both. The file on the Passport that I need to open is slightly faded out in color…like it is hidden or inactive. I was hoping there was something I could do in Passport to open it or make it active…

Thank you very much for your time and reply.

Tonight I tried connecting three of my own PassPorts to three different computers.Two of the PassPorts opened perfectly showing all of my personal backup files. One Passport showed only a few WD docs, no backups, and I couldn’t create a new document. One PC was a Win10 desktop and I could see several more files and could create a new folder. The other was a Win 7 laptop and the view was just as good. The third was a Win 10 laptop and it looked the same with limited content view of the files and with no option to create new folders, and only one grayed-out back-up doc was visible.

This has me thoroughly confused.

Thanks for listening.