Can't open download when pulling multiple files at once

I have been trying to download a folder on my MyBook Live which has multiple files and folders, but each time it finishes it won’t let me open it.  I’d really like to figure this out so I don’t have to do it one by one because that would take a century and shouldn’t be that time consuming.  ANy help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.


When do you encounter this particular error message? Does it only happen remotely? Have you tried locally copying the files into Yvor system in order to confirm if there is a data redundancy error?

I tried to copy them remotely as well as connecting directly with an ethernet cable and got the error.  When I copy each individual file, no folders, the files work fine.


If you try to copy entire folders without compressing them into .ZIP files first, do you also experience the same results?