Can't open certain documents

I have several saved documents that will not open when I double click on them.  I have also right clicked on the menu and told it to open and it does not.  All the ones that won’t open have been Word documents but I have opened some Word documents with no trouble.

I have no idea what to even look at but I need access to all my files.  

Please help.

Are you trying to open them through the Windows network explorer or mapped network drives, or through WDMyCloud App?

I was having trouble logging in until now.  

I have tried directly to the device through my network, through the shorcut on my desktop (I guess that is the app), and through wd2go on a different computer.

I have had no problems with PDF or Excel files.  It seems to be Word files that are giving me trouble.

What program do you have set as the default to open them?

For Windows 7 click on Start>Default Programs. As an example on mine for, .doc I have Word (desktop). Check the extensions for what you are trying to open and then check to see what program is set as the default to open it.

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cat0w (USA)

I have a very small list of programs in my default program list.  It doesn’t seem to give me the option to add any or add an extension.

And some of my word files open but others do not.  It is very frustrating to have to copy it back and forth from my desktop to my cloud when I need to use these documents.

If I go through my Network then I have the choice of choosing what I want to open them with. See images below. In the first image I right clicked on the document and then I can choose to open them with Word Desktop. This way should change them to where they all would open with this. If this doesn’t work then look at Choose Default Program.

If you do not see what you want under Recommended Programs or it does not open them then click on the arrow out next to Other Programs. If nothing looks right there that may work to open them then click on, look for the appropriate program on the Web. 


None of the above will help if you are using the My Cloud App. The best thing I have found there is to make sure older Works or Word documents I have is to open them in Word and then make sure I save them in the correct format. See example image below. Army Reserve letter and Book of Luke saved in two different formats. Old Works documents from my old XP computer will not open with MS Word through the My Cloud App.

I hope this will help.

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cat0w (USA)