Can't open a folder that is CRITICAL to my project

I have a Western Digital 2TB hard drive. When I plug the drive in all of the folders are visible except one. (The one I need the most). When it does show up, there is NO media inside and the information says zero kb.

Is there a way to fix this? Is it covered under warrenty? Will data recovery help?

I tried using disk utility to repair the disk and it told me to save the files that I can and reformat the disk. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I’m using an Intel MacBook Pro and an iMac 27-inch i7.

Apparently this folder got corrupted. I would search online for a Data Recovery software. 

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I’m going to try DiskWorrior. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Sure, that way I can try  it myself in case that happens to me one day.

DiskWarrior didn’t work. I think it might have worked if I had tried to use it sooner.  I’m going to have to use the Auto-Save Vault files and recapture the original media.

Also, I have never trusted the My Book Western Digital Drives. They are not at all reliable. I should have copied the media over t o a drive that I trust when I first received the project. This is the last Western Digital hard drive that I will ever use!

Well, personally I never trust my backup to one single drive no matter the brand after reading this recommendation on a web site, in regards of the data, I have had good experience with a Data Recovery software called MiniTool you could give it a shot.