Can't move files with MY CLOUD app

I can’t move files between folders using the new MY CLOUD APP.
I could do it easilly with the previouys app, but now I can’t.

I want to move a file between my /Transmission folder to another public folder;
I select the desired file, but it does not give me the option to chose another folder. It just tells me that I can create a new folder inside the /Transmission folder and move it there.
How can i solve this?


I’m exausted. I hate the new firmware! I hate the new app!

Get me away from here!

I want to roll back to the better times before the upgrade!!!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of OS5. Inability to move files between shares is by design of some retard from WD.

Edit - you need to use Samba, NFS or SSH into the device to do that. Oh, and web based file explorer is gone too.